800-900 SERIES POWERBUILT™ – MODEL: 1263, 1210

The 800-900 SERIES™ engines are a horizontal shaft engines for cylinder mowers, pressure washers, portable generators, pumps, scarifiers and tillers.

These engines has a paper air cleaner which can be flat or oval, a plastic tank, metal float type carburettor and over head valves also known as OHV.

The model-type-code can be found on the front of the engine stamped into the rocker cover, which has the letters OHV stamped into it (for more information on how to find your engine numbers click HERE).
With this information, you can use our interactive parts diagrams to find the parts you need.

Please find popular parts for your engine below or if you are unsure that you have the correct part, go straight to our interactive parts diagrams to find the correct part for your engine click HERE.
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