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Recoil Starter Parts

Recoil Starter Parts
Recoil starters are the catchall term for engines which are started
by pulling on a rope attached to the crankshaft, which cranks the engine. Each
crank creates an opportunity for the engine to fire up, and a spring-operated
reel retracts the rope, either for storage once the engine has fired or to
prepare it for another attempt at starting.

While the mechanism is relatively simple and hardwearing, that doesn’t mean that none of the components will ever fail – and when they do fail, the engine can become impossible to start until it’s fixed.

This can be daunting for the novice user – but don’t despair! Novices and veterans alike have found that both for identifying which part has failed (for its part number to order with) and how it fits into the engine, our interactive parts diagrams are extremely useful. 

Once you have the part number and you’re ready to place your
order, consider the other parts of the recoil starter in your engine. Do you
see any significant wear to any of them?

It may be worthwhile ordering some more replacements (or appropriate tools) while ordering, to make sure you don’t have to deal with another failure that keeps your equipment out of commission in the near future – or that if you do, you immediately have the means to deal with it!  

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