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​Engine number or machine number - 24/09/2017

We often have parts ID requests for an engine part, but the model numbers are from the machine.

If you are looking for parts to fit the engine it is important the model information is from the engine ID plate not an ID plate on the machine.  

Please find a guide on which ID number you will need:

Essential Winter Maintenance for Any Engine - 07/09/2017

Summers seem to be getting longer and longer, but that doesn’t mean that winters are any shorter; we have a compressed autumn but nights draw in at the same rate and with that comes an inevitable cooling.

There’s less time for outdoor pursuits and, thankfully, less need to fit the same amount 

Spring Service for garden machinery - 20/04/2017

Spring is here and the weather’s getting brighter and warmer, so it’s time to take your mower out of the shed.

The best way to keep your lawnmower engine in peak condition is to give it a quick service every so often.

There are many benefits to servicing your mower; easier starting, smoother

How To Locate Your Honda Engine Details - 20/04/2017

Model Number

You will find the model number on a sticker located on the engine cover or recoil.
Honda engine model numbers start with the letter G, for example G100, GX690, or GCV160. This is the base engine model.

Engine Type Code
You will find the engine type code stamped into the side of the

How To Locate Your Mountfield Model Details - 14/03/2017

The lawn mower model identification label holds the following information
1. Sound power level
2. CE conformity marking
3. Year of manufacture
4. Type of lawnmower
5. Serial number
6. Name and address of Manufacturer
7. Article code
8. Engine rated power and maximum operating speed
9. Weight in Kg

Tuning Up your engine - 16/02/2016

Engine Tune-Up

To keep your engine in good condition your engine needs a tune-up every year.
There are many benefits to tuning up your mower, including an easier starting, a better running, and reduced emissions (which helps the environment), saving you money on the costly repairs that can result in

How To Locate Your Briggs and Stratton Engines Model-Type-Code - 16/02/2016

To find the correct part for your engine, you need the Model-Type-Code which is located on your engine. With this information, you can find the correct parts drawing and find the correct part for your engine.

After you have found your engine numbers, please click HERE to go straight to our part

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