Why do you need a fuel additive

Ethanol is added to petrol and diesel available from all fuel stations in the UK.

What is ethanol and why is it now in my fuel?
Basically - Ethanol is a renewable, domestically produced alcohol fuel made from plant material, such as corn, sugar cane, or grasses. Using ethanol can reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The problem is

Ethanol Harms Rubber and Plastic
Did you know that ethanol can have devastating effects on power equipment? Ethanol blended fuel can damage plastic and rubber fuel system components, particularly in older power equipment not designed to tolerate ethanol.

Ethanol Corrodes Engines
Ethanol is corrosive by nature and hygroscopic (attracts water), particularly when higher amounts of water are present.

Ethanol Causes Fuel Decay
High amounts of oxygen in ethanol blended fuels cause petrol to decay faster, and if left standing for long periods of time, the decaying fuel leaves varnish and sludge deposits.
Petrol and milk are both organic they decompose in the same way, a foul, sour smell indicates BAD fuel!
Power equipment not treated with an ethanol fuel stabilizer will become hard to start within 30 days. petrol will decay in as little as 60 days!

B3C product range is scientifically engineered to provide a quick, easy, and effective means to TEST - FIX - PREVENT the problems associated with modern day fuels.

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